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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009


check out the pleatwork at the back!

a little crimping on the sides too to give that slight bubble effect!

Want something super comfy to wear on a night out to an event/dinner date? Put on Eva! Simple and edgy. The tube bow definitely gives emphasis and if you want to be more conservative, put on a plain blouse or shirt underneath for a more formal outfit. Feeling chilly, place a pretty shawl or bolero around to complete your look. Accessorize Eva with chunky jewels for that punk rock look or wear simple items to get that glam look. Be creative!

Details: 100% good quality cotton
Size: S to L
Availability: 1 piece
Price: RM 49


This dress to me looks as if its from warehouse. haha. anyways thats just my oppinion. But whatever it is, it still is one of a kind. Halle posseses strong patterns which silhouette a woman's curves and has a great cut to it too. It has a a ribbon which can either be worn in front or at the back. This really exposes your cleavage and sexy legs if worn as a dress. If not, wear it as a tunic! To be conservative, wear a spaghetti or a tube inside if preferred.

Details:100% good quality cotton
Size: XS to M
Availability:1 piece
Price: RM 55

Friday, April 17, 2009

Reviewed! ...Renee... and ...Dorothy...

Special thanks to Apple to my Eye for reviewing renee!
and also, Fashionista in You for reviewing Dorothy!


Really do appreciate it. xxx

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tube it(in black and white)

Halter it
Skirt it!
Finding a sun dress for yourself? Ladies, no longer do you need to fret because Roxy is here! Its paisley print is such a charming design, not to mention it creates such a silhouette of a woman's bod. Not only can it be worn as a tube or a halter dress, it can be transformed into a pretty flowy skirt too! Wear this on a nice day out to anywhere and there will be no more hassle to a beach party/holiday! Can you say versatile?

Details: 100% lycra
Size: S to L
Availability: Black&White(1 piece)
Colour (1piece) (sold: aisha)
Price: RM49


COAST inspired

Bow in front
bow at the back

at the back
pleat work

Do you have a dull wardrobe which consists of winter colour tones and you need that extra 'oomph', that extra 'pop' of colour? Well then, Adrienne might be the one for you! A fuschia dress with pleatwork at the bosom and some at the bottom. This tube bubble dress is so gorgeous to put on. Tie the bow at the front, back, side or not at all, you choose. Wear it to a formal or just wear it on a night out with your girlfriends. Adrienne not only emphasizes on your cleavage, it also shows off those sexy legs. =)Be vibrant and be a stunner when you strut down the street. Steal the show.

Details: 100% cotton. (The dress has lining)
Size: XS to L
Availability: 1 piece only
Price: RM 59

Jessica (SOLD OUT)

Nothing to wear? Welcome Jessica, another casual evergreen top for everyone out there which is a must have in your closet. This knitted top is versatile and comfortable at the same time. Wear it with what you like and it will go with almost anything!. This top can be pulled lower according to your preference. It is slightly tighter at the bottom and instead of the usual round neck, there is a slight twist to it. Be at ease and ravishing in this one right here.
Details: 100% cotton
Size: XS to L
Availability: Blue(SOLD: KAT), White(SOLD:MARY)
Purple (SOLD: ZA)(One of each)
(may be able to re-stock)
Price: RM49

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Danielle(SOLD OUT)

back(check out the frills!)

Be a sweetheart in this piece right here. Danielle is simply contemporary and alluring. It truly shows off a woman's figure at its best. There are 2 round 'zen' hoops at the top and it has a slightly heartshaped cut too. It has adorable frills at the bustier and at the back. Simple and luscious.

Details: 60% lycra and 40% cotton
Size: XS to L
Availability: 1 piece (might be able to restock)
Price: RM 55
(SOLD to Mary)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Ispirazione' has been featured =)

Thank you to Diary of an E- Shopaholic for featuring Nicole and Dorothy.

Nicole (SOLD OUT)

Zara inspired

check out the neckline and the special sleeves.( sorry guys ive been trying to rotate it, but failed miserably)

belt not included

A classic little black dress for any lady out there. Conservative and sexy, an all in one piece. Doesn't it just scream mod to you. I love how it shows off a woman's neckline and the sleeves gives it that little edge. Not to mention, it shows of your sexy lean legs. Nicole has that twiggy-ish/audrey hepburn aura about it. Honestly, I just cant get enough of it. Can you?

Details: 100% good quality cotton
Size: Fits XS to M
Availability: 1 piece only(might be able to re-stock)
Join the waiting list!: Angie
Price: RM 57


Topshop inspired

This corset-ish dress is a sweetheart. The turqoise base suits any skin tone, fair or tanned. This dress looks so 60's! Its fitting at the upper body and flairs out right after the belly button which gives the impression of a small waist or accentuates your already small waist.Furthermore, Betty comes with an in-built bra. The slightly heart-shaped top cut emphasizes your cleavage. There is also lining beneath the dress which allows the dress to puff up. This dress is extremely similar to

Topshop's photographic corset dress

Details: 60% linen, 40% cotton
Size: S to L
Availabilty: 1 piece only.
Price: RM 62

Dorothy(SOLD OUT)

Mango inspired




front pocket

at the knee
back pocket

Frankly speaking it is quite hard to find good shorts these days. Well ladies, please do not worry any further because Dorothy has arrived! Dorothy posseses the cutest buttons throughout the shorts at all the right places which makes this pair of shorts one of a kind. The stitching is done to perfection and the adorable pockets at the back accentuates your little tush too! This darling can be worn to anything from casual to formal. Put on a tee, tank, blouse, tube, ANYTHING. Dorothy is extremely versatile.Please believe us when we say that it is really really comfortable. =)

Details: 80% Satin and 20% cotton
Size: S, M, L
Availability: Nish: Black(S)(sold)
Zaza: Black (S)(sold)
Sarah: Black(S), Silver(S)
Price: RM 59

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Audrina(SOLD OUT)

Forever 21

check out the 'rope' straps

Doesn't this look familiar? This rope bow dress is such a favourite of mine too. Either wear it as a dress or a long top, you decide. I love the detailed rope straps which makes it different. Not only that, the bow does provide emphasis too.

Details: 100% good quality cotton
Size: XS to L
Availabilty: 1 piece only
Price: RM55


Abercrombie and Fitch

Baby pink and grey

Mint and grey

Pink and white

Yes, this is abercrombie and fitch y'all (it is an imitation =) but seriously you can't tell!). Lauren defines a new look for all casual polos' out there. Seriously, how can one not love this halter? This top is knitted which makes it oh so lovely to put on. Fyi, just wanted to indicate that there are 3 small buttons on the top too. Wear this to a gym with your tracksuit or shorts or how about with jeans or a mini to the mall with some friends. Wear it how you like and you will still end up being a stunner in this one.

Details: 100% cotton.
Size: XS to L
Availability: Pink and grey(1 pc)(sold)
Mint and grey(1 pc)(sold)
Pink and White(1 pc)
Price: RM 30


Armani Exchange inspired



Check out the sleeve

One of my favourites of them all. A casual top which emanates such appeal. This top can be worn 2 ways. Either tie the back tighter or loose to create either an off shoulder or a V cut look. Put this on with shorts, mini, jeans or pants and presto, your done! Completely hassle free and you still end up looking fab for the day. Before I forget, the sleeves are simply unique. It has this arabian curtain-ish style. This top is tighter at the bottom compared to the top which does help to emphasize that bum of yours. You can be sexy without even being too revealing.

Details: 100% good quality cotton. (Trust me, the fabric is fantastic)
Availability: 1 Piece of each colour
White(SOLD: AT),

Size: XS to L
Price: RM 55